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July 10, 2011
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Lellis Giants by Blazbaros Lellis Giants by Blazbaros
You're gonna wanna fullview for awesomeness.

@_@ Huge huge huge project done for ~Durendal5150 for his new world Lellis. This originally was going to be a collection of scaled sketches but I liked it too much.

Here's a little blurb about each race and a profession linked with the above image:

Stone Giants (Jarjotun)
Stone giants are one of the less magically inclined Jotunkin, but make up for this by being as strong and hardy as their name would suggest. They tend to be quiet, reserved individuals.

Profession: Mason

Fire Giants (Ildjotun)
Standing around sixteen feet on average, fire giants are typically nomadic, and occasionally barbaric. The more refined can still be quite volatile, possibly more so than those that remain in touch with savage tendencies. While few fixed fire giant societies exist, the nomadic ones will often find a niche, usually in exotic crafts that they trade openly and regularly with other races.

Profession: Monster Hunter

Related story: Lellis Shorts: Anayye Anayye swept one arm forward, palm out, and the other back, blade in hand, poising it above her head for a strike that followed with blinding quickness. The curved blade, longer than a human man stood tall, whistled through the air effortlessly, quickly reversed to defend from an imaginary foe.

Spinning and twirling through her training routine, the woman's red-orange skin gave off a simmering heat-haze, the cool night air around her heated to blistering temperatures by her exertion. The billowing fabrics of her clothing, resistant to her natural heat, snapped too and fro as it was dragged behind her body motions, dancing atop the desert san

Common giants (Jotun)
Much like double size humans, Common giants have no other distinguishing features. They have a tendency to form the same sorts of communities and kingdoms humans do, though they have a relatively smaller population.

Profession: Seamstress

Typical humans.

Profession: Farmer/Man-at-Arms

Forest giants (Syljotun)
Ranging at an approximate twenty four feet on average, Forest giants are akin to dusky green skinned, giant wood elves, in appearance as well as culture.

Profession: Apothecary

Frost Giants (Suljotun)
Frost giants are one of the more magically powerful giants, like their fire giant cousins. That said, they are often less inclined to be traditional mages, and more often take to the path of warriors or hunters.

Profession: Sorceress

Storm giants (Vedrjotun)
The second largest breed of giant at heights of average 30-34 feet tall. Made distinct by the three to five spines growing from the edges of their ears and shades of blue-green skin, they also have some command of lightning and waves. They live along shores and islands to behold the unyielding power of storms at their strongest. their internal barometer is unmatched, and knowledge of meteorology is easily decades, even centuries ahead of most other races. Some human towns or kingdoms arrange agreements with Storm giants so they can defend the shores against their seafaring foes.

Profession: Pearl Diver/Treasure Hunter

Cloud giants (Risjotun)
The Risjotun are one of the most reclusive of the Jotunkin, and often remain secluded from the world at large on high mountaintops, floating castles, or grand towers. In addition to their natural abilities in magic, (Limited levitation, control of clouds, etc.) most are powerful mages in other schools.

Profession: Scholar

The word for giant in the language of giants, Joryun are titanic humanoids, standing easily a hundred and a half feet tall. Even on Joryunemi, the home of their kind, their populations are fairly small and limited to villages of farmers and simple craftsmen. Occasional a Joryuni will decide to strike out on their own, usually needing the help of powerful magic to survive without the shear quantities of food their homeland farms can provide, a travelling Joryuni is a sight indeed, especially on Lellis, where there presence is especially hard to miss.

Profession: Protector of the Realm

Art Note: I had a hell of a time with the Joryun, just because I drew everything here to scale. She was done on a separate piece of paper and then coloured a totally different way, in case you're wondering.

Everything here ~Durendal5150 and whoever contributed

EDIT: Made a huge change, I gave the Joryun FRECKLES.
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love them all
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Will there be a story featuring the Joryun anytime soon? I can't wait because I love this set-up so much!
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Thank you! Love your work in this setting and in Felarya and Legacy!
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how do any of them get any privacy if they're so big? seriously?
great work by the way
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What a great variety! I love the amount of thought you clearly put into each character/size.
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