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November 7, 2012
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Meredith de Marinbou by Blazbaros Meredith de Marinbou by Blazbaros
Meredith de Marinbou

Race: Vampire
Age: ?? (Looks 25)
Gender: Female
Height: 5’8” / 88”
Weight: 135 lbs / ??
Eye Colour: Gold
Hair Colour: Blood Red

Meredith was a vampire princess in her world. She had her very own castle, her own servants and a small city under her rule. A small city with a growing resistance, that is. Her clan had ruled them for decades and they had finally had enough. The rebels stormed the castle, slew her family and chased her into the catacombs below.

While her guards attempted to hold them off, Meredith began a spell that would teleport her far away, across dimensions if she must. It was cast in haste and the spell destroyed half the room and took the rest with it. She tumbled down a tunnel of swirling light and colour and the next thing she knew, she was lying face down in a monstrously sized jungle. Thankfully she was out of the sun and she found a cave to hole herself up in; after ridding herself of its former occupant, of course. It was there she made her home.

During the night she made frequent trips over this new world, exploring its vast domain that stretched onwards in every direction. Her first discovery was a city, protected by massive walls and menacing looking cannons. At first she hid herself from view and snuck in but soon came to realize that many of its inhabitants were not all that human. None of them looked at her oddly or gave much attention to her, even if she was a vampire. This was a resource she could easily exploit and exploit it she will!

In the deep under parts of the city, she made her dwelling. Hidden from the outside world, she set up a laboratory to practice her alchemical arts, after all a trade such as hers would be profitable.

One night when Meredith woke from her day-rest, she realized something was wrong. There was something in the air that irritated her to no end, she had noticed it was there before, but easily was able to keep it out of mind. Now it was dominating her very senses! Over the next few days, she searched for something to rid herself of this malady, feeling it grow into something far more foul. With her alchemical skills, she brewed a concoction that, when taken with a moderate dose of blood, would rid herself of this irritation, if only for a time when it would be need to be taken again. This would be necessary until she could find a suitable cure.


Meredith is a curvaceous female with flashing gold eyes and long, curly crimson hair. She wears what appears to be a leather one piece suit covered by a trailing cloak with a high collar. Black sleeves of cloth or leather cover up her arms, exposing her fingers at the end. She also wears boots that to just below her knees.


Meredith is easily described as a narcissist. She cares only for herself and for what others can do for her. In her old realm she had servants who would dote on her and care for her every need. While demanding, she would have never run them ragged and would praise them on a job well done. She often has a hard time adjusting to her current solitary situation and gets frustrated to a nasty point where she breaks things. Usually everything.

To her “business partners” she’s aloof, not particularly interested in starting any relationships with those who would be considered prey. She is, however, fair and always keeps her word when it comes to a deal.

Any that manage to break down those barriers will soon fine that she has a rather soft interior. Being undead hasn’t cooled any warmth she has in her heart and she will value those who manage to get that far.

When she needs to get a drink of blood, or when it just suits her, Meredith can be quite convincing and seductive. This is only when she can be bothered to lull her prey into a false sense of security, otherwise she stealthily stalks them from the shadows before pouncing upon them.

Skills and Abilities:

Necromancy – Meredith is adept in the raising and the controlling of undead. However, Felarya’s natural magic inhibits her powers inexplicably, so they are no longer of use. Unless she finds herself in a Vanishing Land, of course.

Alchemy – Meredith is an accomplished alchemist and an expert in the brewing of potions.

Power Absorb – After the drinking the magic-laced blood of her prey, Meredith has noticed that she is able to temporarily use a particular power of theirs, whether it was an innate skill or magical ability. She brews concentrated potions with this blood to continue using her favourite effects.

Puppeteer – While she cannot raise the dead, she can infuse magic into skeletons and give them simple commands. She can also use this power on weak minded individuals, but its easier to control the dead then it is the living.

Heighted Senses – Being a vampire, Meredith can hear the heartbeats of her enemies and easily be aware of whatever is around her.

Hypnotize – With her eyes she can stun, paralyze or put to sleep anyone that looks directly at her.

Transform – Meredith has the ability to transform herself into a bat, or even a swarm of smaller bats In combination with potions, she can turn herself into a variety of other things.

Undead - Being a creature of unlife, Meredith does not taste the same as a living creature to a predator. She's more than likely to be spat up if eaten. Furthermore, she's able to hide from their predator senses.


There are many different methods of killing a vampire; some are more effective than others. Here are the ones that Meredith is susceptible to:

Holy Objects/Symbols/Ground - These are only effective if the vampire was a devout worshipper of a particular faith at some point in their lives. The vampire will stop dead in its tracks if makes direct eye contact with a holy object or symbol. Not only that, but the wielder must have a strong faith in such a symbol.

Sunlight - Some vampires are more affected by this than others, but typically a vampire’s powers are weakened during the day.

Garlic - While not a powerful enough poison to kill vampires, it will cause paralysis if consumed or injected.

Silver - As all unholy creatures of the night, vampires and their kin are susceptible to silver, as they find it toxic.

Stake - A wooden stake driven into the heart will stop a vampire from rising up from its grave. A silver stake, on the other hand, will kill it outright.

Decapitation - Vampires can be indefinitely killed by decapitation. However, if the body and removed head are placed close enough together, they may be rejoined and the vampire will rise again.

Known Potions:

Size Change – Using Fairy Blood, or fairy wings, Meredith can change her size permanently. To revert back to her original size, she would need to take it again.

(more will be added as I think of them)


Meet the my newest OC for Felarya :D I got tons of ideas for what I could do with her, mostly shenanigans and hijinks =p Plus there's something in her backstory I intentionally left out, ho ho ho. . .it will come later.

Huge thanks to ~Gorger~Kaiman123 and *asaenvolk for helping me with the bio and design!

Meredith © me

Tools: CS3

Song: See Who I Am - Within Temptation
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