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Star Wars
The Phantom Menace


-The Separatist movement within the Republic grows ever more threatening.

-Systems that do not freely join them are either blackmailed or blockaded until they ally themselves with the Separatists.

-Naboo is a key planet to their cause, since their opinion on the matter would carry much weight in the Senate. Not only that, but the power generated by Naboo's core would prove to be a great boon to the Separatists in their cause.

-Under the threat of invasion by the Trade Federation, two Jedi are sent negotiate and protect the Naboo Queen (Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-wan Kenobi)

-During the negotiations at a neutral location orbiting the planet, the Queen is nearly assassinated by a jedi-trained warrior.  The Trade Federation do nothing to stop him and instead, Nute Gunray orders the immediate invasion of Naboo.  The Queen and the Jedi , along with the Queen's translator droid C-3P0, escape the station, the assassin in pursuit.  They randomly choose coordinates for a star system and blast into hyperspace, leaving Naboo behind.  The assassin is left behind, unable to determine where they went, so the Trade Federation sends out probe droids.

-The Jedi and the Queen's ship was damaged during the escape, due to the blockade and they are forced to land on Tatooine.  The ship is forced to land outside a city (Mos Espa), where they will hope to find replacement parts for the ship.  Unwilling to stay behind, the Queen dresses as a commoner to blend in.

-In the city they come across a junk dealer named Watto who has the parts they need, but does not accept Republic credits.  In the store, Qui-Gon then meets Anakin and feels a strong connection to the force emanating from him.  Qui-Gon takes it upon himself train him, leaving Obi-wan feeling somewhat abandoned.

-Obi-wan then roams Mos Espa, bumping into a rough podracer pilot named Sebulba.  Padme had followed him and pulls him away before a fight breaks out.

-The next day, Qui-Gon returns to Watto's store to ask about Anakin, learning that another one of Watto's slaves, a podracer, had been injured in a brawl and couldn't race.  Qui-Gon suggests that Anakin should race and that if he should win, he should be allowed to go free.  Watto agrees, only if he keeps Padme's ship if he loses.

-Anakin, not being very confident in himself, accepts knowing that he'll be free.  Qui-Gon then tells him to rely on the Force to guide him.  Anakin wins the race, then Qui-Gon buys the parts from Watto and leaves for the ship.

-When they return to the ship, the Jedi immediately sense something is wrong. He tells Anakin to install the hyperdrive, not just a moment before the assassin they fought at Naboo attacks.

-Qui-Gon fights the assassin, ordering Obi-Wan and Padme to escape on board her ship.  During the fight, the assassin reveals himself as Darth Maul.  In the past, during an uprising on his homeworld, his parents were killed and the jedi were unable to stop it from happening.  Maul sees it as they did nothing and takes it upon himself to get revenge.  Qui-Gon presses the question about who his master is, but Maul says nothing.  The fight is taken outside and Maul proves to be an equal match for Qui-Gon.

-Obi-Wan has the ship in the air and Qui-Gon boards it and they escape off of Tatooine. Obi-Wan then tells Qui-Gon of the strong connection to the force that Anakin has. Sensing it also, Qui-Gon plans to reveal Anakin to the Jedi Council on Coruscant, while the Queen pleads her case to the Senate.

-They find themselves at Coruscant, where the Queen and Jedi part ways.  The corrupt Senate does not believe in what she says and the Chancellor refuses to send aid.  Senator Palpatine, the Queen's representative, suggests a vote of non-confidence to the Queen, which she follows through with.  This causes a major uproar in the Senate, which many agree to and the Chancellor is forced to step down.  Senator Palpatine of Naboo, along with several others, are voted in to take his place.

-While the voting takes place, Qui-Gon takes Anakin to Jedi Council.  They reject him to being trained because he is too old and that Obi-wan has not completed his padawan training.  Regardless, Qui-Gon takes Anakin under his wing, reasoning that such talent cannot be ignored.

-The Queen, impatient with the procedures of the Senate, hastily decides to return to Naboo, learning that an uprising is taking place against the Trade Federation.

-During the trip, Qui-Gon teachings Anakin basic force training, pushing and pulling objects.

-On their return, the Queen and the Jedi meet up with the resistance and plot to knock out the main Droid Control Ship.  Using a fighter wing as decoys, the Jedi board the ship to destroy it from within.  While the Queen leads an attack on the Palace to remove Nute Gunray, with Anakin appointed as her bodyguard. The Jedi fight against Darth Maul one final time.  Qui-Gon is crippled during the fight and Obi-Wan finishes him off.

-After the battle, Yoda arrives on Naboo, congratulating Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan on their success.  He then proceeds to make Obi-Wan and Jedi knight suggests that he take Anakin, since Qui-Gon is unable to do so in his condition.  Yoda also tells them that the battle is not over, for there are always two Sith.

Star Wars
Attack of the Clones


-The galaxy is on the brink of war. The Confederacy of Independent systems rises from the separatist movement and they begin taking a more aggressive stance against the Republic and the senators loyal to it using terrorist tactics.

-Padme, now senator of Naboo, often comes under fire from the Confederate terrorists.  The Jedi duo, Obi-Wan and Anakin, as well as Qui-Gon, guard her.

-To increase security, Chancellor Palpatine instigates the Military Creation Act, suggesting to create an army of clones from the facilities on Kamino.  Suspicious of this sudden idea, the Jedi send Obi-Wan to investigate, discovering that Palpatine had already begun cloning before the MCA, using the bounty hunter Jango Fett as a template.  Fett had never met Palpatine or heard of him, instead referring to a man called Tyrannus, who had recruited him.  Obi-wan confronts Fett later to question him further, but Fett escapes.

-To protect Padme, Qui-Gon stays behind on Coruscant as a decoy, while Anakin and Padme leave for Naboo as refugees.  Now that they are alone, Anakin musters up the courage to admit to Padme that he loves her.  Padme, while flattered, doesn't feel that she is in a position to start a relationship with him during all this turmoil.

-Obi-wan chases Fett to Geonosis, where he finds the Confederacy preparing to mount a huge offensive.  He sneaks inside the main facility and discovers Count Dooku, a former jedi knight, along with the heads of the Confederacy, including the Trade Federation.

-Obi-wan goes back to his ship and relays a message to Coruscant from Naboo, where Padme and Anakin are.  He reveals the plot to overthrow the Republic, but during the transmission he's captured.

-The Chancellor sees the message and suggests to the Jedi that they should strike Geonosis before the attack is made.  He then asks that they lead the clone army ready at Kamino.  Mace Windu and Yoda, knowing that the numbers of the Jedi are few, agree and leave for the planet with the Council Members, along with Qui-Gon.

-Dooku meets with Obi-Wan, explaining to him why he left the Jedi Order.  He saw the corrupt politics within the Republic, believing it to be the work of the Sith.  He sees the Confederacy as a platform to rid the Sith from the galaxy and to establish a new government.  Dooku offers Obi-wan a place at his side, but Obi-wan sees through his lies.

-Anakin is worried for his friend, Obi-wan and impulsively leaves for Geonosis. Padme tries to reason with him for staying, but is instead dragged along.  They sneak to planet's surface and land outside a main facility inside a large ventilation shaft.  Anakin advises Padme to stay on board, but she goes along with him in case she would be captured.  R2 and 3P0 also join them.

-Anakin reaches out with the force, sensing Obi-wan's presence in the building.  They find him and free him. Obi-wan scolds Anakin for taking such rash action and taking Padme along with him, but appreciates it regardless.  As they sneak back to the ship, they are discovered and are chased into one of the many underground factories. They are cornered and captured by Jango and new super battle droids. R2 and 3P0 are lost during the chase.

-Anakin, Padme and Obi-wan are taken into the arena to be publicly executed.  Each of them are to be killed by a separate creature. Anakin tames the Reek, killing the cat-monster that was hunting Padme.  Obi-wan fends off the Acklay and wounds it, but retreats to the other two.  They are surrounded by battle droids on orders from Nute Gunray.

-Before the order can be given to kill them, Windu, Qui-Gon and others from the Jedi Council infiltrate the arena to rescue the trio.  Clone Commandos back them up, creating chaos in the crowds of the arena, confusing the battle droids. Qui-Gon, along with their clones, charge into the arena, clearing a path for them to escape.  

-Windu fights with Jango in the VIP box and they eventually tumble out into the arena.  Jango proceeds to be trampled on by the Reek, damaging his jetpack.  He fires wildly at Windu, but Windu finally beheads him.

-The battle droids' numbers prove too great for the jedi and the clones.  Before they can be wiped out, gunships fly down into the arena led by Yoda, sweeping laser fire through droid ranks.  They pick up the survivors and fly out the arena toward the clone forward base, where the attack is about to begin on the Confederate control ships.

-Padme and Yoda are dropped off at the base, Yoda taking command of the artillery unit.  Windu leads a squad of commandos into the fray, looking to capture any Confederacy leaders.

-Before Anakin leaves, Padme takes him aside and tells him that she'll be waiting for him when he comes back.

-Anakin, Qui-Gon and Obi-wan chase after Dooku, who leads them to a secret hanger bay where his escape ship lies.  They're about to take Dooku into custody when they are surrounded by Dooku's dark side followers.  Obi-Wan and Anakin get tied up with the Sith, while Qui-Gon quickly disarms his foe and charges at Dooku, preventing his escape.  Dooku's reveals that Qui-Gon used to be his padawan and tells him that he should know better then to attack him.  Anakin finishes off his opponent and rushes Dooku, only to get knocked aside.  Dooku moves to kill Anakin with force lightning but Qui-Gon steps in and takes the deathblow.  Anakin, shocked, tries to revive his master but cannot.

-Dooku begins to walk up the ramp into his ship, and Anakin charges after him.  But before he can, one of the fallen Sith hurls his lightsaber and lops off his arm.  Dooku then escapes.

-Yoda and Padme arrive in a gunship with some troopers to pick up Obi-Wan and Anakin.  Qui-Gon's body is taken back to coruscant where it is burned at the Jedi Temple in a funeral ceremony.

Star Wars
Revenge of the Sith


-In a stunning move, General Grevious attacks Coruscant, kidnapping Chancellor Palpatine.  Before the diversionary fleet can escape with its precious cargo, Anakin and Obi-Wan's fleet return from the Outer Rim Seiges and attack the Invisible Hand.  They are escorting a squadron of gunships carrying commandos to rescue the Chancellor.

-They take the hanger and the commandos stay behind to guard their escape.  Anakin and Obi-wan slay the droid guards and rescue Palpatine and attempt to make their escape back to the hanger.  Grevious kills the commandos and waits for them to return. When they arrive he forces them to surrender.

- He takes them to the bridge where he plans to publicy execute them on the HoloNet.  Before he can, Anakin and obi-Wan's ship broadsides the Invisible Hand, causing it to drop into low orbit.  Grevious escapes to another while the damaged Invisible Hand crash lands on Coruscant.

- To end this war, the Republic must capture Count Dooku and Grevious.  Unconfirmed reports have traced Grevious to the Utapau system and Obi-Wan is sent to uncover the truth.  Anakin waits with a reserve fleet at Coruscant, in case of another attack. He also takes this time to see Padme and consult with Palpatine.

-Because of this close friendship, the Council wants Anakin to spy on Palpatine, since his term has been extend for far too long.  He begrudgingly does so, if only to prove the Council wrong.

-Obi-Wan finds Grevious, along with some of the heads of the Confederacy.  The attack begins and Obi-Wan encounters Dooku as well, where he leaves with the Confederacy heads and goes to Mustafar.  There, the Confederacy will split up and go into hiding.  Obi-wan engages Grevious and defeats him, but the fighting continues.

-Palpatine gains knowledge of Anakin's double dealing, but also learns of Padme and her twins.  Staging an attack on her apartment, it is made to look like she died, but she was in fact kidnapped by Palpatine's agents.

-Blaming the Confederacy for this attack, Palpatine sanctions the Confederacy heads's execution by Anakin's hand.  Anakin is promoted Supreme Commander of the Republic Army and has full reign over their actions.

- Windu, and some other council members who are still on Coruscant, attempt to stop him, but Anakin covers up his feelings, claiming its for the good of the Republic.  The jedi believe that too much power is placed in Anakin's hands, along with Palpatines.  They Jedi on Coruscant refuse to continue fighting any long and refuse to lead any army until they both step down.

- Palpaine convinces Anakin that it's a ploy against them to drop their guard so that Jedi might take over.  Anakin then leads an attack on the Jedi Temple and confronts Mace Windu.  During the fighting, Windu is cut down by Anakin.

-To reinforce is position in the Republic, Palpatine uses the Jedi's so called "revolt" as a basis to reforge the Republic into a Galactic Empire.  He claims that this new government is for the safety and security of the people and that such a war may never happen again as long as it stands.

-When Palpatine is secure on Coruscant, Anakin leaves for Mustafar, gaining information about the whereabouts of Dooku and the heads of the Confederacy through Palpatine's agents. Anakin heads to Mustafar, slaying all the heads of the Confederacy before they can split up and hide throughout the galaxy.  Dooku faces Anakin in duel and is brutally killed. With the Jedi Council members fighting on other worlds, Palpatine then issues Order 66 to finally kill them all.

-Jedi on other worlds are hunted down and killed.  Yoda, while fighting on Kashyyyk, runs from the Clones with Chewbacca and escapes.

-Obi-Wan's clones turn against him and he escapes off of Utapau, to be picked up by bail Organa and Yoda.  They all return to Coruscant to find out what he has happen to the other Jedi and find a trap waiting for them at the Temple.  Yoda and Obi-Wan search the Jedi records and find that it was Anakin who led the attack on the Temple.  Through that recording, they discover that Anakin has gone to Mustafar.

-Yoda stays behind with Bail Organa to confront Palpatine while Obi-wan leaves to face Anakin.

-Obi-wan meets Anakin on Mustafar's surface and tries to convince him that what he's doing is wrong.  Anakin refuses to join him and they begin fighting.

-Yoda infiltrates Palpatine's Imperial Palace and discovers Padme imprisoned within.  Yoda then frees her and instead tries to escape.  Palpatine catches up with them and fights Yoda in a short duel, but he is unable to capture them.  He lashes out instead at Padme and mortally wounds her. Bail Organa secretly picks Yoda and Padme up and they escape off of Coruscant.

-Anakin is defeated by falling into a furnace and Obi-wan leaves him for dead.  Later, Palpatine arrives on Mustafar to reclaim Anakin's body.

-Obi-Wan meets up with Bail and Yoda, finding out about Padme's situation and the fact that she's carrying twins. Padme dies after giving birth and is later buried on Naboo.

-The twins are split up, Leia going with Bail to Alderaan and Luke going with Obi-wan to Tatooine to live with his aunt and uncle

- Anakin is brought back to Palpatine's palace where his body is cybernetically reconstructed.  He then pledges his allegiance to Palpatine and becomes Darth Vader.
Probably not gonna get around to making posters for the other two movies yet and some of you expressed interest in knowing what I did to Episodes II and III.

So here's all three, I'll also be updating them as people feed me good ideas and/or correct me on certain details. Thoughts are appreciated.


Star Wars George Lucas
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Spartan-999 Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2014
This. Is. Amazing. A lot better than how Lucas imagined it, while keeping the basic idea on how things happened. There are a lot of improvements on how Dooku and Qui-gon die, and the plot twists are great. Grievous also seems better then how the movie portrayed him. I can't wait for any add-ons you come up with.

I have something that I'm wondering about. Are you going to reimagine Star Wars: Clone Wars and Sw: The Clone Wars? I'm curious.
Blazbaros Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks XD I haven't touched this in a while and I doubt I'll ever get back to it at this rate. . .

That's the microseries and the CG series, right?  As far as I'm concerned, the microseries is perfect, you can't get much better then that.

But the CG series? Ehh. . .best left ignoring that completely. Or just have it as a bunch of non-canon funtimes.
TheFellowWithTheHat Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2012  Hobbyist
Better than George Lucas, this is just incredible...

I wish Grievous or Jango Fett survived, though, but I suppose they're evil and have to die.

Major improvements on how Dooku dies, and incredible Story Twists, and yes.

He's THE Goddamn Yoda.
Blazbaros Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks :D
OathOfCalm Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
A small little continuity error I think.

"Yoda and Qui-Gon, along with their clones, charge into the arena, clearing a path for them to escape."


". . .gunships fly down into the arena led by Yoda"

How did Yoda get from the ground in the arena up into the gunship? I was somewhat confused.

Other then that it looks pretty sound :D.
Blazbaros Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
. . because he's the goddamn yoda D:<

Fixed it :p
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