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Rebels Season 4 - This was not artfully done.

Journal Entry: Sat Mar 10, 2018, 1:39 PM
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Here we are again.

This season was spoiled for me because I asked for it, so I knew what I was in for.  But even knowing that going in, I was NOT prepared for it at all.  All in all, I am not pleased with this season, this series and the current direction this beloved franchise is taking.

If you want my thoughts on the previous Season, go here:

  Blaz's ramblings on Star Wars: REBELS Season 3Let me preface this so this will extinguish any doubt in your mind: I love Star Wars, its one my favourite science-fantasy franchises of all time.  This is the very reason why I'm so critical of it.  The recent decisions involving it and the directions its been taken in do not accurately convey the setting that I've attached to for 20+ years.  You could say that I refuse to accept the changes because I'm a stubborn fanboy, but believe me, I WANT to like what they're making.  I still get excited when they announce a new movie, TV show, or game (and then get mad that its not a new Rogue Squadron).  I'm still looking forward to Episode 9 and its spin off movies.  Sure we started out rocky with Episode 7, but maybe the stuff I hated will win me over *coughcough Rey coughcough*.  I found nothing heavily infuriating in Rogue One, so there's hope there! A new hope you could say.
But not here to talk about those, we're here to talk a

I wrote up notes on season 4 much in the same way, casually writing my thoughts down as they occured while I watched the show, so if you're confused or missing information, I encourage you to familiarize yourself with the synopsis of the episodes:…

I do not encourage you to watch the show, because it will give you a migraine as to how mind-mindbogglingly asinine the creative direction of this show is.  I do not wish that upon anyone.

1 Heroes of Mandalore part 1
  • Oh boy here we go again, starting off strong with ManDULLorians.
  • What's he significance of Sabine’s dad again? A recap would be nice.  I know they brush up on it later, but it's kind of the point of the episode.
  • Kanan can fly now I guess.
  • Ezra being a dumbass still isn't funny.
  • Who the heck is voicing these troopers? Where's Steve Blum?
  • We can't say execution on TV now?
  • What weapon are they talking about?
  • Oh they're actually doing it.  These deaths aren't really earned though, so this comes off pretty hollow.
2 Heroes of Mandalore part 2
  • COP.  OUT.
  • I'm sorry, your jet pack cannot go as fast as a TIE.  At the speeds they're going at, this isn't even remotely possible.
  • Oh dang, we can show people getting vaporized.  Nice.
  • Seriously, what weapon are they talking about?!
  • With graffiti like that on your armour, it's sure as hell disrespecting that 500 year old memory.
  • You. . . . Can't make a weapon that specifically targets a metal like that.  That makes zero sense unless beskar has some property to it that isn't explored. Is it highly conductive? Does lightning just like it more?  Give us something!
  • Honestly, why would she even make something like this? What's the point?
  • Do jetpacks have an infinite power supply? What the fuel cost for one of those?  You can't just fly around forever in one of those.
  • This guy’s turn to extra douche villain seems really hamfisted.
  • What, is that seriously all it took.
  • I'm sorry, no, this weapon is total bogus.
  • Actually it is your way.  You're totally down for this.  Mandalorians aren't some noble space warrior race, they're literally space vikings.
  • Well that was hypocritical.  Don't kill them with the lightning thing, but kill them with breaching its core and blowing up the ship.
  • Good god, just get rid of that dark saber already, I hope I never have to see it again.
  • Not a very good two part season opener. Skip if you only care if about how Sabine gets back with the crew.
3. In the Name of the Rebellion 1
  • Still kinda bummed that Saw basically replaced Garm Bel Iblis.
  • This wouldn't be so typical of your luck if Ezra didn't make such retarded decisions.
  • TIE Defenders again? Already?
  • Why don't they just fly around on their jet packs? We've already established they can fly forever.
  • And we've already established they can fight toe to toe jet pack vs fighter, too!
  • Whaaaat? A U-wing can do that much damage in one go?
  • And today’s episode’s moral is: STRANGER DANGER!
4. In the Name of the Rebellion 2
  • Oh my are they. . . .actually doing things now?
  • Saw is like your drunk adventurous uncle.
  • Man does everyone have the same body type?  Even the other aliens are all slim and trim.  They just look copy pasted from the neck down.
  • Oh boy, zombie cyborg troopers!
  • And one of them is feeeeeemale eh? Interesting. . . . Aaaand she's dead.  Welp.
5. Occupation
  • Blah blah blah Lothal, whine whine whine.
  • Clooooone joooooooke.
  • Vizago has a pretty nice boat actually.
  • I like how their disguises look better than their actual character designs (for the most part)
  • Seriously, why is Lothal important again?
  • Huh, believe or not, there's actually an animal in Star Wars that's basically a puffer pig.  It's more of a frog though.
  • . . . . Oh no. Has Baron Fel been reduced to this schmuck?
6.  Flight of the Defender
  • That's not a factory.  TIE factories are in space.
  • Oh that's better.
  • Aww man, they're back to their old outfits again.
  • TIEs aren't really supposed to land on their wings, they need to land in special cradle/dock things.
  • This plan would work,  but neither of them have flight suits and to my knowledge the Defender does not have life support.
  • Those are some pretty pathetic missiles.
  • Oh boy, getting all princess mononoke up in here.
  • Dafuq does that mean, Kanan?
7. Kindred
  • Yes, but also because the writers make up their own planet and wanted to use it.  Too bad it's uninteresting.
  • DID HE SAY RUKH? It better be a Noghri Death Commando.
  • Oh god he looks stupid.  Welp. At least his voice is good.
  • Oh boy he's got a magnaguard staff! Nice to see that again.
  • Ok that jump was pretty awesome. More of that please.
  • What.  What is going on.  Did they teleport? Are they teleporting dogs?
  • What.  What what what what what what what.
  • Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat.
  • Wat.
  • Someone start making sense.
8. Crawler Commandeers
  • That's a World Devastator.  You bastards. This really does mean they like to cherry pick cool things from Legends for their own stupid story.
  • I will admit it's cool to see it, maybe the World Devastators were converted thing like this.
  • Lucha Trandoshan!!
  • . . . . Man this looks pathetic, they just look like they're slapping each other around.
  • Sabine left her helmet there. RIGHT THERE. HOW DID THEY MISS IT.
  • They keep focusing on these smaller stories to waste time and pad out their plot.  There's literally no reason why we should bother with the crawler captain when we could be doing cooler things.
  • Wow seriously Ezra.  That was sociopathic as all hell.  If he was remorseful or tried to save him, that'd be less. . . Evil.  Our hero everyone.
  • This guy was just trying to do his job and Ezra just let him die. What the hell.
9. Rebel Assault
  • That's a lotta ships.
  • Each of those star destroyers has 72 ties on board. Seriously.  Those X-Wings are f**ked.
  • That's not the x-wing laser sound! BOOOO.
  • That blast should have killed Hera’s fighter.  Those star destroyer guns are bigger then a HOUSE.
  • And you can't fire your guns when your s-foils are closed.  God. Dammit.
  • And all it takes is one destroyer? Wow.  Thrawn is losing his game.
  • Or is he. . . . . .
  • I dunno if one whole destroyer was worth it though.
  • Ok, the way that roper reacted to being jumped was hilarious, he was clearly looking at porn.
  • I guess that's not a magnaguard staff and some kinda weird gun staff thing.
  • Wait that was Mart?  The douchenozzle from season 3? What.
10. Jedi Night
  • Did you forget the empire is irredeemably evil?
  • I miss Kanaan’s beard D:
  • Once again Star Wars ignores physics, this time in a really dumb way.  Those gilders would just fall back down.
  • Wait, wasn't Rukh like. . . A lot taller?
  • Star Wars: proof that being blind means nothing.
  • Yeesh, took them way too long to admit that.  But Kanaan’s gonna die down isn't he?
  • Wow.  You couldn't have telegraphed that any harder?
  • Also no, you don't just fire at fuel pods like that, YOU IDIOT.  This once again proves that the empire isn't scary, just incompetent.
  • Waste of a character death, honestly I think there was a pause in production of this because they rewrote a bunch of stuff.
11. DUME
  • That guy has an amazing Patrick Stewart impression.
  • Chopper is the light in the darkness, the rock on which we are all built.
  • Actually, the empire does give days off.
  • Yes you can get lost on a planet, Ezra.  PLANETS ARE BIG. I've lived on Earth my whole life and I get lost all the time.
  • Wtf is up with these dogs.  I don't get them. What do they do.  They just weird looking wolves.
  • Hold up, Sabine, you have SPRAY PAINT. PAINT HIM. GOD. DAMMIT- okay so you did it, good job, took you long enough.  Also that's not how physics works with the paint, none of it should be on his front.
  • Nope, can't have main character's kill people with a face.
12. Wolves and a Door
  • Lothwolves?  More like Telewolves with their all telewolfing around.
  • I can't begin to explain to you how dumb this is.  Honestly these wolves are just some deviantart oc wolfaboo bullshit, some person in the office was just like “hey we need wolves, giant wolves, giant force wolves that can telewolf”.
  • What is so important about Lothal? Seriously? I don't get it.
  • Also the Emperor is involved now? Do they need to get all the big baddies on board this?  This escalation is retarded.
  • Oh god why are they bringing Mortis back into this?  Ugh.
  • Did this just suddenly turn into Indiana Jones? I swear this is Raiders of the Lost Ark all of a sudden.
  • What the whaaaat.  Is the wall a giant .gif?  Or is Ezra coked out of his mind? (Spoilers, he's coked)
  • Dafuq is going on.  What is this.
  • Whaaaaaaaaaaat is with the spinning wolves.
  • Ok that minister guy better be a Dark Adept.
13. A World Between Worlds
  • Ok this is spiralling out into absolute idiocy.  “Pathway between all time and space”? What is this? Doctor Who?
  • Nope.
  • Nope.
  • Nope.
  • My dad just said “really?”
  • Nope.
  • We aren't doing this.
  • We aren't actually doing this right now, Rebels.
  • Ashoka had a fine way to go out and you just took that all away and made it meaningless.  You are really good at retroactively making things worse.
  • Since when was this owl important?
  • Okay Ezra, go through a portal and get Kanaan back.  That's clearly where we're going with this.
  • Seriously, if you really think about this, they can just find a moment in time to fix everything.
  • The Emperor is going full space wizard?  How is he doing this? If he's trying to open the portal, how is able to find them and affect them?  Also fire?
  • So they cop out on a good character death and bring some crazy doctor who BS into the mix.
  • What was the point of the portal if it was a one time use thing?  To bring back Ashoka? Why? Doesn't even do anything, she just leaves again right after! 
14.  A Fool’s Hope (just like my hope in this show, eyyyyyy)
  • Wolf should have died in that episode where they first met.  I don't get how they so quickly forgave him.
  • I know Ryder’s heel turn is a fake out, but that's still a weird heel turn.
  • Hondo:  what can I say, except, you’re welcome!
  • So those gunship laser cannons are also missile launchers now?
  • Yup, called it, fake out.  Pryce is confirmed 100% mentally infirm, why is she in charge?
  • . . . . This plan hinged so much on precise timing, it would have never worked ever.
  • Telewolves are just as bad as ewoks.
  • If Rukh died from this, I call bullshit, he's fallen so many times and survived it's uncanny.  This can't be the one time.
15/16. Family Reunion and Farewell pt 1/2
  • If they know the ceiling is blaster proof, WHY ARE THEY SHOOTING AT IT?
  • Oh good Rukh isn't dead.
  • I can't believe that impression worked.  Clancy Brown sounds nothing like Yularen.
  • Despite this shows absolute idiocy, Thrawn still manages to be a badass.  He was truly wasted on this show.
  • Alright, so this is playing out like Return of the Jedi, not shamelessly however.  Nice touch.
  • What's up with that room?  Does Thrawn just have a sand room?
  • Wait, so if that’s the top of the jedi temple, when did they have time to move it? Also why? What?
  • “Ezra said?” “Special Mission?”  Uhh okay. You're really really reaching deep up your asses for that one.  You wrote yourselves in a corner and deus ex machina’d.
  • I actually like this version of the Emperor, he's really sneaky.
  • But that was a really weird temptation though. What was the Emperor’s goal here?
  • Ninja Royal Guards now? With tractor beam staffs? Whaaaaaa?
  • That’s not planetary shield, that’s a city shield.
  • That ship was a lot closer to the ground before.
  • And now Rukh can't have his badass moment when he finds out what the empire is doing to his homeworld.  Ah well. It's not like the noghri were really cool or anything and became Leia’s personal bodyguards in the future.
  • Also space whales. That's your deus ex machina again.
  • Now they're just repeating scenes.
  • You don't deserve this ending, show.  This was NOT ARTFULLY DONE.
  • Why do you need to blow the dome up?  You win. Take the dome. The troopers can escape too.  You murdered all these troopers for nothing, you already won.  What kind of message is that sending to the galaxy? You're terrorists, not liberators.
  • Why are you acting like you weren't part of the rebel alliance? YOU WORK FOR THEM.
  • No. No you won't be ready for them.  You destroyed the manufacturing capabilities of this planet.  You destroyed ALL OF THE MILITARY ASSETS. YOU. LOSE.
  • Why is Jacen not twilek-y?  It's been clearly shown in Clone Wars that half human, half alien kids have recessive human genes, so they would have the head tails.  Why doesn’t he? He just gets green anime protag hair and some slight greening around the ears? Are you too afraid of him not looking human enough that he would be scorned by the audience? If they’re really pushing an SJW agenda (which they are) and pandering for “acceptance”, then he would be a twilek.

Conclusion: I don't understand who this show was meant for.  You can write it off as a "kid's show", but that doesn't excuse any of the poor writing, lack luster characters, grossly-incompetent villains and coked out side plots that break the universe rather then expand it.

Its very clear by Jedi Night, they had an entirely different plan and direction for the series.  The hiatus was to rewrite and redo the plot to end the series and prepare themselves for a new show along side the new movies to promote that part of the universe.  I swear to god, they're just going to try and fill in the gape-y plot holes the The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi left wide open.  But since we know those movies are fundamentally broken from the get go, its not going to be doing them any favours.  They're going to be supplementary to one another and won't be able to stand on their own.  They should be able to be good in their own right without the need for other media.  You'll need to watch EVERYTHING to get the whole picture and that's completely unnecessary, only to waste your time and money on new streaming services.

Expand our knowledge on what we already know from a complete experience, not shell it out to us in chunks that don't make sense on their own. I'm looking at you Snoke.


Thrawn and Ezra are dead. I'm sorry. They are.  There's no way in hell any of them could've survived that jump into hyperspace, so seeing them in any shape or form in a new show is not going to make any lick of sense.  I'm willing to let Thrawn survive it, because Thrawn, but if Ezra pulls a Leia Superman Organa Solo . . . you've lost me.


I'm posting things more often into my scraps now, usually old sketches that I started, might finish probably not and some sketch commissions from the past.

And if you didn't know already, that's where all the sketches drawn from the Request Roulette portions of the streams go.


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